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888-606-4841-How to Make Changes in Windows 10 like Clean Install, Increase Font Size & Cortana's Voice and Language

888-606-4841-How to Make Changes in Windows 10 like Clean Install, Increase Font Size & Cortana's Voice and Language

1. How to Change Cortana's Voice and Language in Windows 10? Cortana is a much more than a simple search feature. It is supposed to be a developed personal assistant much like Siri is on Apple iOS devices. In case you are in the U.S. and you want Cortana to have a British accent or chat at that time, the voice assistant supports seven regions the U.S., United Kingdom, France, China, Germany, Italy, and Spain. So you can change Cortana's language and voice to any of these countries' in just a few steps by taking help from an independent technical support providing company, like Intelli Atlas, and get help on how to change Cortana's name or Windows 10 speech language pack dial here for Windows 10 support phone number and get instant support for the same. Cortana is competent of writing emails, searching for apps, setting reminders, and performing web searches. If you want to change your region it will also change the date format on Windows 10, the headlines you get from Cortana, the keyboard layout, and a number of promotions in the Windows store. For this, you can dial a toll-free Windows support phone number and get instant help from Windows expert technicians. However, Cortana the virtual assistant speaks the same language on your Windows 10 OS as you set to use. So, in order to make Cortana speak another language, you have to configure your Windows 10 OS device to use a different language. For this, you can visit Windows help page to change Cortana voice to male or change Cortana voice in Windows 10 proficiently. Read more at http://microsoft-windows-support.weebly.com/blog/888-606-4841-how-to-change-cortanas-voice-and-language-in-windows-10 2. How to Do a Clean Install of Windows 10? We are hardly two days away from witnessing the end of Windows 10 free upgrade deadline from Microsoft, Now, Microsoft will ask Windows users to pay for getting the OS installed on their devices. If you want to be a Windows 10 user, then the best thing you can do to enjoy all features of the OS is to do Windows clean installation. It will help you not only start afresh but also get some unwanted programs or files on your systems. Although it is an easy process, yet you can take technical support from Windows professionals for getting a better output. On all authentic Windows support websites, there is a Windows 10 technical support page where you can have better suggestions and guidelines to more about how you can have a clean installation of Windows 10 without facing any hassles. You can visit Windows 10 technical support page to get help on how to do a clean install of Windows 10 after free upgrade as it will make things happen in your favor. Following is a 9-step approach that will help you get a clean installation of Windows 10. First of all, download Microsoft's Windows 10 media creation tool using the URL: “https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10” Run MediaCreationTool.exe and choose "Create installation media for another PC" Accept or change the installation options as per your needs and click Next Select USB flash drive or ISO file and tap on the Next option Choose the drive and tap on the Next option Tap on Finish after the media is created by the media creation tool Reboot the PC with the USB drive or DVD inserted Press any key to start the PC Just follow the prompts to set up Windows by entering your Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 license key and sealing all agreement to the Windows 10 license terms. Read more at http://windows10upgradephonehelp.blogspot.com/2016/07/888-606-4841-how-to-do-clean-install-of.html 3. How to Increase Font Size in Windows 10 Microsoft’s Windows operating system has always been friendly to its users. And we can see how the developer has enhanced its user-interface in Windows 10 that the users are now more comfortable and friendlier with every application. The taskbar and icons work as much similarly to the previous editions. The difference comes in form of Cortana search bar that has been exclusively added to Windows 10. But several users who work with Windows 10 computer system, they wish to tweak the settings so as to change the default size of icons and text. If you contact a Windows 10 tech support technician for some tips over the methods to change icon size, you will come to know about some easy steps to change the icon. For more details over the methods to customize icons and taskbar, you can visit Windows 10 support page to get help on Windows 10 taskbar icon size or icon size settings in Windows 10. Depending on your requirements, you can customize the elements flawlessly – keep in mind, avoid tweaking other desktop settings because it may result in a different issue. Read more at http://windows-support.windowshelp.support/2016/07/28/how-to-change-the-icon-size-in-windows-10/ Previous article on http://windowssupport.over-blog.com/2016/07/888-606-4841-how-to-disable-windows-10-automatic-updates-install-security-package-for-new-windows-experience.html

888-606-4841-Access Reliable Microsoft Windows Support To Take On Every Windows Issue






If you are fed up with some irritating common issues with your Windows PC, you should immediately visit www.windowshelp.support to get in touch with an expert who can offer the best possible solution. Whether you are using Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 on your computer system, you can have the solution in a real time for always with the help of Windows tech support.

You should never get worried to see some abrupt issue on your Windows PC, as every Windows issues are fixable with the help of Windows help at http://microsoft-windows-support.com. There may be some advanced procedures in the way - which you should never take on your own. Do always contact a technician so there is no any additional problem.

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